Grain and Grime by Canadian Skateboarder Kyle Braden

Meet Kyle Braden, a Canadian skateboarder based in Barrie, Ontario, who spends the off-season practicing film photography.



kyle2When we asked Kyle how he got into film photography, he told us about being influenced by other skaters shooting film when he was young. He mainly uses a Pentax K1000 and an Olympus Stylus, but has a variety of other cameras in his collection. He calls them “budget cameras” and tells us that most of his them come from thrift stores for under 100 dollars.




So, what makes film preferable to digital photography for Kyle? “You get a larger dynamic range when you’re shooting film, which means you can capture a wider range of light than you can with digital” says Kyle, “I like that because it means you don’t lose as much detail in spots where the image has been over or under-exposed”. He notes that this is especially important when he’s shooting black and white, as he “doesn’t lose as much detail in the shadows”. Besides all that, he says he can’t help but love the flat, grainy look of film photos, and has always had an affection for low-contrast photography.


To see more of Kyle’s work, including his black and white series, you can follow him on Instagram and Flickr.



Kira is an avid enthusiast of photography, poetry and the arts in general. She holds a degree in Communications and English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

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