Glassy Banality By Connar Masotti

While scrolling through Connar Masotti’s photos, one can get the sense that they are leafing through pages of old family photos. The glazed-over, dreamy feel of Masotti’s images are reminiscent of snapshots of every day life, veiled under a thin layer of protective plastic, and carefully bound in an aging album.

White Dress

Masotti lives and works in New York City, and holds a degree in both art history and photography. His studies have greatly contributed to his style, according to him, and have reinforced his tendancy to “see the world through a classical lens”.

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Of his studies, Masotti says, “I have always been interested in the arts, so the normal degree in finance was never going to work for me. Originally architecture seemed to be the best move, to combine my interest in design and art with a ‘respectable’ career. It wasn’t until I took my first art history course in college that I realized there was so much more to art than the image. Being able to see history through the lens of the artist, instead of the masters of the textbook, was something that changed my life”.


Often focusing on small details and physical objects as the subject of his work, Masotti tells us, “Through this focus in detail, I deal with issues of privilege within American society by presenting mundane objects that represent this privilege”.

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Masotti shoots exclusively with film, both medium format and 35mm. He notes that “the physicality of film is the most beautiful thing…isn’t it”. Indeed, film seems to be an important aspect for his images, as he takes the commonplace and tranforms it into the unreal. His use of 35mm and his eye for careful selection of subjects make his images feel like stills from an old movie rather than contemporary photography.


The way that such a graceful emphasis is placed on all that is ordinary serves as a reminder not to take any of it for granted. The everyday and commonplace can be romantic if one only allows it to be, whether it’s experienced through the lens of a film camera or not.


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Kira is an avid enthusiast of photography, poetry and the arts in general. She holds a degree in Communications and English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

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