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Reconstructing the Past with Bau Hett

L’entre-soi [ L’En-quête ]. Part I. Les Voyages Immobiles By Bau Hett Oriented around nature and gardens, Bau Hett’s series Les Voyages Immobiles acts as personal reflection akin to a diary, framed in a way that seeks to question the pieces of the past that we keep within ourselves. Hett lived in Paris for ten years. As someone coming […]

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The Flux of the Commute by Del Bascus

For many, mornings under the circumstances of modern capitalism are characterized by the advent of a communal voyage to work—namely, commuting. The sphere of commuting is one in ever-present flux and motion in which time and place become ambiguous. We fall into a state of quasi-death and timelessness once we board the train, as the day only begins once the destination is reached. Del Bascus brilliantly stops time in the journey to and from work—she captures stillness and certainty in a realm that is oft wholly ambiguous.

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James Lewicki, Photography

Scenes of an Infernal Play By Daniel Kovalovszky

Horace said that a poem should be dulce et utile, sweet and useful. I can think of little better to describe Daniel Kovalovszky’s new series, “Scenes of Infernal Play”. Without a doubt the key term to describe this new body is conceptual, yet such a broad stroke of a term may underemphasize its duality.  There […]

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A Conversation with Austrian Photographer Karl Hoedl

With a natural eye for capturing thought-provoking images and a formal education in photography, Karl Hoedl has created an exceptional collection of photographic works. From his eye-catching and serene “Thirty-four parking lots”, to works that capture intimate content like “The Anniversary Year”, Hoedl has worked on a variety of projects and been featured in numerous exhibitions. […]

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POP POP POP by Anne-Sophie Landou

POP POP POP is an apt name for Anne-Sophie Landou’s series, which modifies popular imagery and forms to challenge the status and effects of those symbols. If you’ll allow it: she pops pop with pop. Landou’s technique reimagines previously captured images by manipulating them to different effects. Changes to the colour palette are common, often […]

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