Reconstructing the Past with Bau Hett

L’entre-soi [ L’En-quête ]. Part I. Les Voyages Immobiles By Bau Hett

Oriented around nature and gardens, Bau Hett’s series Les Voyages Immobiles acts as personal reflection akin to a diary, framed in a way that seeks to question the pieces of the past that we keep within ourselves.

Hett lived in Paris for ten years. As someone coming from a rural working-class background, she has navigated between many different lifestyles and cultural settings. From these experiences, Hett decided to create what she calls “an imaginary suitcase, in fragments”. These “suitcase memories” incorporate a variety of landscapes and imagery from Hett’s childhood.

1. Bau Hett. Electro Roses.

Although the scenes are specific of Hett’s childhood, the style of the photos lends itself well for viewers to envision the photos as fragmented memories. Some of the photos are slightly blurred and overexposed, redolent to the editing style of a flashback or dream sequence in a film. Other images, like the following one, embody a storybook-like aura.

6. Bau Hett. Cosmic autumn rebellion.

Having spent lots of time in the garden as a child, Hett explains: “I had seen my father and my grandfather planting all the trees in the garden. I have always loved the symbolism of the trees, and I seek to photograph them in different ways. From the point of view of both the roots and from above. Sometimes as clothes. Sometimes as symbols of determinism. Sometimes as symbols of elevation and perpetual evolution. These places are a point of permanent return for me, an anchor point of my thoughts. They fill a large part of the mental bag that I drag around with me across the bitumen of the city”.

4. Bau Hett. An Impressionist garden.

More generally, Hett explains that the overall project is also a way to interrogate the disruption of identity through a reflection of one’s relation to physical territory, mobility, and social transit.

This set of photos is only the first part of a larger series, entitled L’entre-soi (L’En-quête). I know that I speak for more than myself when I say that I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment of the series.

8. Bau Hett. Motionless journey.

Until Part Two of L’entre-soi (L’En-quête), you can have a look at more of Hett’s work on Instagram.



Kira is an avid enthusiast of photography, poetry and the arts in general. She holds a degree in Communications and English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

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