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Alicja Brodowicz’s Diptych: Nature and the Human Body

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.”         – Alice Walker When Alicja Brodowicz chooses Alice Walker’s words as the epithet to her series Visual Exercises, she evokes the basic truth of the project: nature is a strange […]

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Francois Bellabas Thoughtfully Explores the Automotive Realm of Los Angeles in his Series “Motorstudies”

Francois Bellabas’ photographic series Motorstudies is an ambitious mix between documentary photography and a search for idealized aesthetics. Described by Bellabas himself, the series “is a photographic study that questions the car and its representation, but which also uses it as a referent and a measurement tool. It’s a documentary about the issues, the challenges and the […]

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Kira Braden Steps Lightly Across the Threshold Into “Grandfather’s House” and Beckons us to Follow

A grandparent’s house is a treasured haven. It is a domain removed from the drama of the childhood home, but still intimately familial. For the lucky ones, the grandfamily can be a constant second port of call, one step removed from the web of responsibilities and expectations owed amongst immediate kin. We enter Grandfather’s House near the […]

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