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Seigar’s Plastic People

Seigar is an English philologist, a highschool teacher, and a curious photographer. He is a fetishist for reflections, saturated colours, details and religious icons. In this series, subjects are often just out of reach, veiled by glass and reflections from the street – inaccessible to reach out and touch, but always in sight. Meet Seigar’s […]

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Rekindling a Marriage as Old as Our Existence: Federica Porro and Celina Marie Dzyacky Explore the Relationship Between Man and the Natural World

Mutualisms sprawl vehemently throughout the natural world. These mutualisms exist not only in the everyday workings of plant and animal ecosystems, but also through tender encounters between human and nature. Federica Porro and Celina Marie Dzyacky encapsulate this coexistence between plant and man in their series, Flora Umana. In this series, the Italian (Porro) and […]

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Possible Scenarios by Sofia Podesta

Sofia Podestà’s latest photographic series manages to explore a cold and stark landscape with surprising warmth. Through her photography, Podestà is able to transform her surroundings into something magical – as I scroll through her works, a vague sense of familiarity comes over me, even though I’ve never been to these places or seen these […]

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