Possible Scenarios by Sofia Podesta

Sofia Podestà’s latest photographic series manages to explore a cold and stark landscape with surprising warmth. Through her photography, Podestà is able to transform her surroundings into something magical – as I scroll through her works, a vague sense of familiarity comes over me, even though I’ve never been to these places or seen these landscapes – I feel almost as though her images resemble scenes from a movie I’ve watched, only I’m unable to put my finger on exactly which one.

In the artists’s own words, Possible Scenarios tells a story “of someone who wanders aimlessly until meeting a forest. Upon entering the forest, however, the wanderer feels a sense of vertigo, due to the labyrinthine space in which they find themselves”



“This photographic series was born soon after completing my university studies,” Podestà goes on to explain,  “After months of stress and worries, I escaped from Rome, the city where I live, to leave, as every year, for Cortina, a town in the Dolomites. In those days I felt a sense of peace and freedom that I had not felt for a long time, which allowed me to finally concentrate on my photography”. 


“Finding myself in these huge spaces, completely covered by snow and fog has stimulated my imagination so much, I have returned to breathe freely. I love the dark atmosphere and the low clouds that hide the landscape, because they allow to create in my mind, a thousand possible scenarios”


Podestà is a self-taught photographer based in Rome, Italy. She recently completed a degree in Art History, and looks forward to now being able to dedicate even more time to her photographic work. Her works are mostly focused on her travels, capturing her surroundings as she moves from one new place to the next.  


“I like to recreate a deep connection with landscapes and to discover new points of view inside daily life,” she explains, “I started taking pictures when I was in high school, but at that point, for me photography was a pure medium for recording moments. Only later did I realize that people began to disappear from my photographs, because what interested me most was the landscape. Through it, I feel free to tell stories and to express my deepest states of mind” 

Below are some examples of Podestà’s other captivating landscape works, which can be found on her website. You can also keep up to date with her latest work by following her on Instagram



Kira is an avid enthusiast of photography, poetry and the arts in general. She holds a degree in Communications and English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

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