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115: Luca Abbadati brings us to a New Level at a Site of his Childhood

Luca Abbadati is an Italian architect and photographer from the town of Leno, in the province of Brescia between Milan and Verona. Abbadati began taking photographs to support his education in architecture. Accordingly, some of his most beautiful shots can be found in his series titled Await, although the landscapes of Iceland (among others) preclude […]

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Visions of Rome by Brando Ghinzelli

Visions of Rome by Brando Ghinzelli is an aesthetically oriented photo series that explores the awe-inspiring, historic city of Rome. Once the most important city of the ancient world and now the capital of Italy, Rome has been the home of the Italian photographer Brando Ghinzelli for four years. We recently had the pleasure of […]

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