Vulgaris is a platform for photographers to showcase their outstanding creative works. Based in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) our mandate is to foster dynamic audience engagement with wide appeal to a range of community members on a local and international level. Our hope is to bolster connections for photographers between these levels. We wish not only to display photographers’ photos, but in our detailed interviews, to provide them a voice.

We derive our name from the latin Vulgaris, meaning common. It is our belief that while there is undoubtedly great beauty in the rare and glorious, so too is there a subtle beauty in the common people, places, and events. It is an honour to provide for your viewing pleasure this sublime common beauty, taken by common yet stunning everyday people.

Our Editor-In-Chief is Kira Braden, an avid enthusiast of photography, poetry and the arts in general. She holds a degree in Communications and English Literature at the University of Ottawa. She is aided in content curation by our Outreach Editor James Lewicki, a fellow photographer and graduate student at the University of Ottawa.

Graphic design matters are in the loving hands of Lana Souaid, who created our gorgeous logo. You can see more of her work and get in touch with her here.