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Analog Dreamscapes by Ren Rox

Whether she decides to go with softer tones or uses the caustic influence of household chemicals to enhance her work, Rox is able to capture horizons from the natural world and turn them into something almost mythical.

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Pondering Time and Collective Experience in Creative Duo Kirra Kimbrell and Rachel King’s ‘From Here’

The project titled From Here was collected, shot and curated by Kirra Kimbrell and Rachel King. The text is a collaboration by both women, and the images are shot by them and also include found photographs from a family archive. I don’t recall the day you were born but I remember the space you’ve created every moment […]

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A Conversation with Austrian Photographer Karl Hoedl

With a natural eye for capturing thought-provoking images and a formal education in photography, Karl Hoedl has created an exceptional collection of photographic works. From his eye-catching and serene “Thirty-four parking lots”, to works that capture intimate content like “The Anniversary Year”, Hoedl has worked on a variety of projects and been featured in numerous exhibitions. […]

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Queer Atlanta Captured by Logan Case

In the last two decades we have witnessed an incredible progress in gay rights. The most important of these is gay marriage, and the normalization of LGTBQA people. Of course there is much work left to be done. But one interesting facet of this progress tends to be an underlying claim of respectability. It places […]

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Glassy Banality By Connar Masotti

While scrolling through Connar Masotti’s photos, one can get the sense that they are leafing through pages of old family photos. The glazed-over, dreamy feel of Masotti’s images are reminiscent of snapshots of every day life, veiled under a thin layer of protective plastic, and carefully bound in an aging album. Masotti lives and works in […]

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