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Possible Scenarios by Sofia Podesta

Sofia Podestà’s latest photographic series manages to explore a cold and stark landscape with surprising warmth. Through her photography, Podestà is able to transform her surroundings into something magical – as I scroll through her works, a vague sense of familiarity comes over me, even though I’ve never been to these places or seen these […]

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Francois Bellabas Thoughtfully Explores the Automotive Realm of Los Angeles in his Series “Motorstudies”

Francois Bellabas’ photographic series Motorstudies is an ambitious mix between documentary photography and a search for idealized aesthetics. Described by Bellabas himself, the series “is a photographic study that questions the car and its representation, but which also uses it as a referent and a measurement tool. It’s a documentary about the issues, the challenges and the […]

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Pondering Time and Collective Experience in Creative Duo Kirra Kimbrell and Rachel King’s ‘From Here’

The project titled From Here was collected, shot and curated by Kirra Kimbrell and Rachel King. The text is a collaboration by both women, and the images are shot by them and also include found photographs from a family archive. I don’t recall the day you were born but I remember the space you’ve created every moment […]

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Reconstructing the Past with Bau Hett

L’entre-soi [ L’En-quête ]. Part I. Les Voyages Immobiles By Bau Hett Oriented around nature and gardens, Bau Hett’s series Les Voyages Immobiles acts as personal reflection akin to a diary, framed in a way that seeks to question the pieces of the past that we keep within ourselves. Hett lived in Paris for ten years. As someone coming […]

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A Conversation with Austrian Photographer Karl Hoedl

With a natural eye for capturing thought-provoking images and a formal education in photography, Karl Hoedl has created an exceptional collection of photographic works. From his eye-catching and serene “Thirty-four parking lots”, to works that capture intimate content like “The Anniversary Year”, Hoedl has worked on a variety of projects and been featured in numerous exhibitions. […]

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