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Alicja Brodowicz’s Diptych: Nature and the Human Body

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.”         – Alice Walker When Alicja Brodowicz chooses Alice Walker’s words as the epithet to her series Visual Exercises, she evokes the basic truth of the project: nature is a strange […]

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Francois Bellabas Thoughtfully Explores the Automotive Realm of Los Angeles in his Series “Motorstudies”

Francois Bellabas’ photographic series Motorstudies is an ambitious mix between documentary photography and a search for idealized aesthetics. Described by Bellabas himself, the series “is a photographic study that questions the car and its representation, but which also uses it as a referent and a measurement tool. It’s a documentary about the issues, the challenges and the […]

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Kira Braden Steps Lightly Across the Threshold Into “Grandfather’s House” and Beckons us to Follow

A grandparent’s house is a treasured haven. It is a domain removed from the drama of the childhood home, but still intimately familial. For the lucky ones, the grandfamily can be a constant second port of call, one step removed from the web of responsibilities and expectations owed amongst immediate kin. We enter Grandfather’s House near the […]

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Uncanny Homecoming: Exploring Identity and Alienation in Casey Meyers’s “I’m Feeling a Little Strange”

Casey Meyers’s series “I’m Feeling a Little Strange” is about homecoming, but there is little at-homeness to the spirit of the series. Instead, the art discusses life and identity as they lapse into mute simulacra, reflections that appear as lived experience but are not quite ‘real’ in the sense of actual presence. The crisis of […]

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To Withdraw From Orientalist Photography: Leonardo Magrelli’s Pairidaeza and the Iranian Terrain

In the wake of a terminated nuclear deal and a nation left demonized once more—we find an appropriate home for Leonardo Magrelli’s endeavor to photograph Iran “under a different, detached and less propagandistic light.” Traditional photographic projects undertaken by the West are often concerned with the extravagant architecture of mosques and palaces—sites ripe for the […]

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Moral Photography by James Lewicki

In the 21st century, two major interrelated technological factors have greatly changed how we take photos and how we engage with photography. The first major change was the advent of increasingly affordable digital technology allowing more photos to be taken more often by more people, and cheaper than ever before. I should also mention digital editing technology, which changed the level of control a photographer could exercise over a photo once it is taken. However, this improvement is overstated by those unfamiliar with analog editing technology. It is more an improvement in access than in capacity.

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Aesthetics and Experience by William Lalonde

Aesthetics, like language, have outgrown their original primary role as a mediator of subjectivity and instead have become subjectivity itself. Rather than lived experience dictating aesthetics, aesthetics now dictate lived experiences. Our current state of contemporary photography can sometimes feel like every potentiality has been tried, and sometimes the best inspiration comes from digging through […]

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