Vulgaris Magazine will be releasing its very first print edition at the end of October, to celebrate the magazine’s 1 year anniversary. You can submit to be featured in the print edition of Vulgaris Magazine by filling out the form below. Regular submissions via email will not be considered for the print edition.

In the field “Link to Project/Series” you may leave a link to your online portfolio, or provide a link to a google drive containing JPEG images and a word document about your work. Folders containing other files types will not be opened or considered for the publication.

You can submit a film, digital or mixed media series that you’re proud of, or submit us single images that follow one of the themes below:

  • Alienation (From yourself, from society, from social standing etc.)
  • Using photography as a means of expressing struggles with mental illness, crisis or trauma.
  • Finding time for photography in the busy, modern world
  • Gaze (analyzing gaze within portraiture)
  • Self-portraiture

Thank you! More updates about the print publication coming soon.